Victory Lane

Assembly of God

Men of Integrity

    .  To glorify God

    Meet monthly for fellowship through meals

    To equip one another and to reach and strengthen other men

    To be one another's  Armor Bearer


Mission Statement

      Is to glorify God, we believe "As go the men, so go the families and so goes the church".  God as called us as men to be the 

      spiritual leader in our families and in our church, and we desire to equip one another to reach and strengthen other men

      and boys in our church.


      To develop a ministry which addresses the fellowship needs of men at Victory Lane by providing information on service 

      opportunities, and  encouraging them to support church ministries.


      To support men in their Christian walk and development toward spiritual maturity. Men are challenged through Bible study,

      prayer meetings, and times of fellowship. This ministry is designed to develop productive relationships between Christian 

      men, both within and outside of the Victory Lane family.